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Post #1 Subject: FAQ
Posted at: 17:36:04 13/02/12 [Quote]
GraveGod (buying pills 100k) [20]

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Q: How do i level up?
A: There are several ways you can gain exp to level up. Crimes can give you exp, Attacking players can give you exp, and during Police Comp events you can gain exp. Additionally if you are level 1 attacking other level 1 players will give you 0 exp. Exp is given based on the level of the player you attack.

Q: How do i raise my stats
a: Using the gym is the most obvious choice, but there are other ways to raise them as well. Joining or creating a company can give a large daily stat boost. You can also use schools to get large stat boosts. The more you pay the longer it takes but the larger the stat boost.

Q: How do i get money in the game?
A: You can try to sell crystals, most crimes give you money, companies can pay out but you would have to shop around, mugging other players, and owning your own company.

Q: What does rating do?
A: Rating someone up is like giving a user review. Everyday you can rate a person up or down. When you go to their profile you should see a number at the top with a + or a - on either side.

Q: What are crystals for?
a: Crystals can be used for several things. You can trade them for money, use them to regain your energy, trade them for iq, or sell them using the crystal auction or crystal market.

Q: How to i increase/refill my mood?
A: There is only one way to increase your mood, which is buying/renting/marrying into a house that is better than the one you currently have. To refill your mood you can use merits which you get for leveling 5 levels, or using a mood shake.

Q: why cant i do any crimes?
Crime success rate is directly effected by how much mood you have. If your have a crappy or no house you will fail most of your crimes. A better house does not guarantee success, but it can help exponentially.

Q:What is point of Police Comp?

A: you get exp but it also gives u a change to win a MB ticket. When you beat the Federal Police, you have the chance to win the MB Ticket that allows you to be the highest stats player for 6 hours!!
If you don't want to be the Mafia Leader, you can get a starter pack or a custom weapon.

Q: What is the point of being married?
A: You can move into thier house or vice versa depending on who has the better house. You still keep your original house when you divorce.

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