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Post #1 Subject: How to rent out your bank accounts
Posted at: 17:48:35 17/12/17 [Quote]
Rusty Shackleford [4600]

Level: 511
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Why & Who:
For new players, renting your bank accounts out is a quick way to gain "start up cash". And for those players who have depleted their bank accounts after making large purchases of high level weapons and or property to build them back up again.
By renting out your banks it allows other players who are already collecting the maximum interest on their own accounts to put to use the excess money they have that's not making them any interest.
Once your account is rented you will still be able to deposit or withdraw any money from the account except for the amount the Renter has placed into it. That amount will be shown as being in "Your account balance" but it can not be accessed by you or the renter. And it will be returned to the Renter automatically when the rental agreement has ended.

How To:
1st: To rent out your bank accounts go to the bank link. Then select "accounts for rent". You then select which bank account type to "rent out (Standard or Donator)".
In the space for "Amount" enter the amount of money you want to allow in your account to be rented. In most cases it will be the amount of money* needed to collect the maximum amount of daily interest. It can also be determined by dividing the "Max daily interest" by the "Daily interest rate" which is listed in the account info table.

* At the time of this posting those maximum amounts are, $833,333,333 for a Donator account and 2 billion for a Standard account (2 with 9 zeros). The maximum amount of interest paid daily on a Donator account is $50 mil. ( 6% of $833,333,333.) The maximum interest paid daily on a Standard account is $40 mil. ( 2% of $2 bil.)

2nd: Then in the space for "Days" enter how long you wish to rent out the account. The maximum amount of days the account can be rented at a time is 28 days. In the case of a Donator account you're also limited by however many donator days you have. (You can find out how many days you have by checking the "Home"link page or hovering over the Broken or invalid image mark next to your name.)

***It should also be noted that the Renter must have the same amount or more Donator days too, to be able to rent the Donator account.***

3rd: Next you'll need to enter the percentage . This is the fee you want for the rental. It will be a percentage of the daily interest that is paid on the money deposited into your account by the Renter. Or how much of interest paid everyday you want to keep for the use of the account.

As a new player to the game you can easily rent your accounts for 55-65% or more of the daily interest paid. Most players are willing to help newbies get a good start of things. And since there are only 8 donator days included in the free beginner's pack they're more willing to accept a higher percentage because their money won't be tied up as long.
Established players shouldn't expect to get a higher percentage since the Renter is also looking to earn some money not just give it away to their competitor.

Once you've determined what percentage of the interest you want for rent go ahead and enter it.

****Note!: Do not include a "%" sign with your entry or decimal amounts . This will cause the percentage amount to show up as 0.(use whole numbers only)****

Example:(Donator)(Beginner's Pack)

Amount: 833333333

Days: 8

Percentage: 65

In this example you'd gain $32.5 mil a day for 7 days and the Renter gains $17.5 mil a day. (the 8th or last day is lost due to the fact that the days count down at midnight 12am game time but the interest isn't paid until 12:15am game time)

4th: Review everything again to make sure it's all entered correctly before selecting the "Add To Market" button. You can remove the listing to correct or make changes just as long as another player hasn't accepted the listing. And if that happens your stuck with it till the rental agreement days are completed.

Now just wait for someone to accept your rental agreement. The money will be placed into your account and the interest (which is payed out at 12:15 am game time) will be deposited into your's and the Renter's accounts automatically for you to use.
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