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Post #1 Subject: Why do you keep playing?
Posted at: 09:34:45 28/10/19 [Quote]
LA [1415]

Level: 48
Posts: 1
I've been playing this game since 2012, well more like logging on a few times a year. But I play another game which reminds me of this game, which is why I log on every now and then.

Hardly anyone plays this game. To the handful that do: why? Interested to hear.
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Post #2 Subject: Re: Why do you keep playing?
Posted at: 19:13:49 16/11/19 [Quote]
Vasto Lorde Ichigo [5660]

Level: 1,163
Posts: 2
It's something 2 pass the time n I also play 2 get my stats passed the 1s in another game. thumbup1
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