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Posted at: 10:56:09 08/12/12 [Quote]
MrSkud [2792]

Level: 12
Posts: 12
we should be able to refill our nerve with points rather than just our energy? dontcha think? some of us like to level by doing crimes and thats a major blockage? put it as 10 crystals oer 100 or 150 nerve or something?
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Posted at: 12:26:06 08/12/12 [Quote]
~MRS XOMBIE PUPPETS~ loves her mr puppets [1155]

Level: 1,453
Posts: 687
There are pills for that...half nerve pills are available in chinatown and they give u 50 Guatanamo bay there are pills which are 100 nerve...u should have ur nerve bar at 50 before using those pills tho, to make it cost worthy...ur nerve bar grows as u level up...u also get merits as u level which can be used to fill nerve...however, I suggest using those for mood refills when training in big properties only...if u have any ?s feel free to msg me 001_smile and welcome to MB
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