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Post #1 Subject: please fix
Posted at: 13:09:53 11/04/13 [Quote]
RaM [1405]

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i love the new ideas. one thing id love to see first is to be able to loan out items to your gang members without having to give it to them perm. only really matters if you trying to help people that are new to the game. i know i have had several new players apply. i was accepting about anyone and then i would buy them weapon and armor only to have them quit the game in a week. if the feature was fixed, we could loan them good weapons and then if they quit wouldnt lose it. we could give it to the next new player looking to make a start at the game. i quit accepting new members at this time but if i could do this i would be more apt to seek out new players and try to build up the amount of active players by gettin them started. not sure if this is something that would be an easy fix for the programmers or if it is difficult. but if its not too hard, i for one would love to see it fixed
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Post #2 Subject: Re: please fix
Posted at: 21:39:14 14/04/13 [Quote]
~MRS XOMBIE PUPPETS~ loves her mr puppets [1155]

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